Paradise is POYi 71 Best Photo Book Finalist

Happy to announce that Paradise has been chosen as a Finalist in the prestigious Picture of the Year International (POYi) awards!

Congratulations to the winner Adam Panczuk  for his beautiful book “KARCZEBY” – it is a great honour to be mentioned alongside his work. Other finalists include Robin Hammond and Christopher Capozziello, whose works  I have come to admire even before the announcement of the awards. Also, my heartiest congratulations to all the photographers who made it to the final round of POYi. For me, it is a well-timed affirmation that vindicates this long lonely journey of creating a book – the ultimate statement of a photographer’s work.

Here’s the link to the list:

POYi 71 Best Photography Book Finalist: Paradise

POYi 71 Best Photography Book Finalist: Paradise

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